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    It's coming up on the winter season which means the snow and cold is just around the corner.   Here are a few pictures to reflect the beautiful scenes that reflect the season.


One of my favorite subject areas is anything related to water.  This means boats, lighthouse, beaches etc.  





My last trip to Charleston, SC in late fall was a beautiful time to capture a few pictures of the buildings and grounds in the area. 


For some time now I've been trying to capture a perspective of the Walking Bridge over the Hudson with depth and a perspective of the Poughkeepsie train station.  Finally after several unsuccessful attempts my wife and I decided to grab a coffee and take an early morning trip into Poughkeepsie for another try.  It was a beautiful fall day and after walking and driving around the entire area near the bridge I managed to capture the following picture.  I am very pleased with the result which actually captures the original train station shelter, the new parking ramp and the Walkway in the background.  Added bonus was the beginning of the fall color in the trees. 


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